This is a new form of IMPLANTSURGERY in which IMPLANTS ARE PLACED IN Patient’s mouth without giving any cut with the help of a specialy prepared guide made by Nobel BioCare as per details below.

Nobel BioCare: NobelGuide. Nobel Biocare developed a similar system for implant planning and offers the NobelGuide, a CAD/CAM engineering template used by dentists to assure accurate placement. This system was incorporated into their Teeth In An Hour product, a hybrid solution for edentulous patients.

Virtual Surgery for Dental Procedures
Specialized computer software enables implant surgeons to assess all of the critical areas of the maxillary and mandibular bone structures. The precision imaging helps doctors to not only determine the best possible implant sites but also permit the assessment of need for bone augmentation (grafting) that will optimize predictability ratios. The entire process of assessment, treatment planning, selection of implant devices and final restoration products is achieved "virtually" before treatment even begins. Patients benefit from being able to visualize, fully, current state of need and final outcome possibilities, based on their choice of restoration components (types of crowns, abutments, shape, color shading, size, etc). No other dental technology offers this degree of potential for eliminating "treatment surprises."

The technical data is used to fabricate the implant guide(s) and attachment devices, if needed, that are instrumental for treatment.The actual process of undergoing surgery is comparatively short, since all planning has been completed. Having 4-5-6 implants placed in less than 30 minutes is not unheard of. Understandably, this particular feature of having guided implants is very appealing for most patients.

Need for anesthesia is short ... as is the need for having the jaws kept open for an extended period of time. Post treatment pain or muscular discomfort issues may be non-existant for many patients.

Pre op

Nobel guide

Guide fixed in the upper jaw

Implant surgery being perfofmed with the guide

All implants inserted through the guide

After removal of the guide

Abutments fixed immidiately after the surgery

Immidiate teeth fixed

X ray showing implants

Final teeth




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